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Richard suffered from discoloration of his teeth due to a childhood disease. He also had misaligned teeth but was not interested in orthodontic treatment.

Our cosmetic team was able to present him with a great smile through the use of six anterior veneers.


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Steve was missing a right upper lateral and had a smaller than normal upper left lateral. As a result he had an asymmetrical smile. He requested a perfect smile since he was about to get married soon. Our treatment plan consisted of six veneers that restored all the teeth to their natural shape with a superior color. He is very proud of his wedding pictures.


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Oscar was referred to us by his own dentist, due to the complex nature of his case. He had missing and misaligned teeth along with a gold restoration from another country.

Our specialists worked together as a team to give Oscar a new smile. His treatment was a combination of veneers and removable partial dentures to replace all the teeth.

He has been one of our happiest patients and is proud of his new smile.


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Maria had congenitally missing upper laterals with excessive spacing between the remaining teeth.

Her treatment plan consisted of redistributing the spaces between her teeth with orthodontic treatment, restoring the teeth to a more natural shape, and closing the spaces at the same time.


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William came to our office with severe decay and decalcification spots on his front teeth

Our office had to remove all the decay and help William with his oral hygiene skills to restore his oral health.

Later, he received six veneers that restored his teeth to the most natural-looking and attractive smile.


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Donte is an attractive young man but he was not happy with the space between his front teeth. His cosmetic treatment plan consisted of two veneers to reshape the front teeth and close the gap. He was very satisfied with the results.

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