Trusted Invisalign Provider in North Hollywood, CA

At 1st Choice Dental, North Hollywood, we take immense pride in being a renowned provider of superior Invisalign treatments suitable for all age groups. Whether it’s children, teenagers, or adults, our expert orthodontist crafts a bespoke treatment plan tailored to perfect your smile. Our premier Invisalign specialist in North Hollywood is adept at rectifying various dental alignment issues, such as:

During our complimentary initial consultation, Dr. Kathy Shafagh will evaluate if Invisalign aligner therapy is the ideal solution for you or your loved one. If deemed suitable, we employ cutting-edge 3D scanning technology to digitally map your teeth, forming the basis for your initial aligner. Once your aligners are prepared, our dedicated team will guide you through your individualized treatment strategy, ensuring you’re well-informed about the entire process.

Pioneers in Exclusive Invisalign Treatments

Our commitment to delivering unparalleled care at every step of your Invisalign journey is unwavering. Beyond the free consultation, we facilitate flexible financing options via Care Credit and offer in-house payment plans, making Invisalign treatments more accessible than ever. With tailored treatments, competitive pricing, and a team devoted to unparalleled patient care, 1st Choice Dental, North Hollywood stands out as the go-to Invisalign provider in North Hollywood, Sherman Oaks, and surrounding areas.

Why Opt for Invisalign at 1st Choice Dental?

Orthodontic treatments have evolved significantly from the days of cumbersome headgear. At 1st Choice Dental, North Hollywood, we aim to offer our patients the advantages of traditional braces minus the discomfort.

Top 5 reasons to select Invisalign:

Subtlety at its Best: We will send you a monthly statement to keep you informed about your account status.

Flexibility: The comfortable aligners are easily removable, ensuring you can relish your meals or special occasions without any hindrance. For optimal results, we recommend wearing the aligners for at least 22 hours daily.

Dine Without Limits: With Invisalign, there are no dietary constraints. Just take off your aligners and enjoy your favorite treats.

Maximum Comfort: Designed to exert gentle pressure, Invisalign trays realign your teeth with minimal discomfort, typically felt only during the initial days of a new set.

Efficiency Redefined: When used as advised, Invisalign can be as effective as traditional braces. Some patients have even experienced faster results, with noticeable changes in just 6 months.

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