Invisalign Adults

Invisalign Adults at 1st Choice Dental, North Hollywood

Invisalign Treatments Tailored for Adults

Orthodontic treatments aren’t exclusive to the young. At 1st Choice Dental, North Hollywood, we’ve transformed countless adult smiles using Invisalign’s clear aligner therapy. With Dr. Kathy Shafagh’s two decades of experience and our status as a leading Invisalign Provider, we’re dedicated to offering discreet and effective alignment solutions. We initiate every treatment with a complimentary consultation, catering to residents of North Hollywood and nearby regions, ensuring every patient’s unique needs are addressed.

Age is Just a Number with Invisalign

Absolutely! Invisalign doesn’t have an age limit. We’re passionate about helping adults achieve their dream smiles, regardless of any prior dental treatments like crowns, veneers, or implants. While some dental prosthetics might necessitate specific adjustments, our team is adept at crafting aligners that perfectly fit your requirements. As Invisalign offers a subtle yet efficient teeth-straightening method, it’s becoming the preferred choice for many adults over traditional braces. At 1st Choice Dental, North Hollywood, our focus is on ensuring you adore your smile.

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