I attended University of Utah for my undergraduate studies and received a four year scholarship to University of Texas Dental School in Houston.

I graduated with honors from dental school and was accepted to University of the Pacific to complete my master’s degree in Dental Science and Orthodontics in June of 1993.

Although my academic achievements have prepared me to serve my patients with the required knowledge, it is my life experience that has allowed me to treat them in a very special way.

My most important life experience is being a single mother to two amazing kids who lost their father in a tragedy at a very young age. Raising my kids with amazing resilience, focus and hope has not only created a happy and emotionally balanced family, it also taught us that love and hope can overcome all adversity.

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I am also a healthy cancer survivor. Going through the hardship of facing a life threatening disease has left me with one thing in mind: do not sweat the small stuff. Enjoy every moment of life and share your love with everybody that comes in contact with you.

Finally, being a yogi keeps me focused on being compassionate and non-judgmental. So at this point, every day of my life I feel blessed to be happy, healthy and loving and my goal is to be able to give all of this back to the people around me. Please check our community service section to find out about some of the projects that we are actively involved in. Our mission is to earn your satisfaction.

Our team at 1st Choice Dental strives to create a dental experience for you that is as pleasant as possible. We understand the stresses associated with dental visits and every day we work really hard to address those in our office. We treat you as people not patients. We address the fears. We take our time. Using the knowledge base of our multi-specialty practice and the most up-to-date equipment, we can prescribe the best treatment for you.

We offer very reasonable financial options. We strive for your approval of the final results. Last but not least, we will always greet you with joy and respect. We do all of this to serve you in the way you deserve.

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